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Orevox USA Corporation is a prime source manufacturer of audio products. Established in 1982, Orevox has been making speakers for many of the high end speaker brands on retailer´s shelves today.

Orevox research and development lab has been involved in the design of Carver Corporation´s Amazing Loudspeaker design which has won accolades from industry critics.

Orevox designs and manufacturers speakers from our affordable, simple to install AcoustaBar series to custom in-wall speaker components. We offer the only in-wall sub-woofer that may be installed without a enclosure that fits between wall studs. Complete free standing home theater system packages are available in various multi-channel configurations.

Orevox has now expanded its product line to include products in the following categories:

Orevox has Research, Development and Manufacturing in City of Industry, California, Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China.

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