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Mesh Speaker Grill
5¼" ~ 15" Mesh Style 2-Piece Speaker Grill, ea. Black  Powder Coat Heavy Gauge Metal Mes..
0.13 mH Slug Type Ferrite Choke Coil
CO-013R, 0.13 mH Slug Type Ferrite Choke Coil Specs - Inductance: 0.13mH DC Res..
0.47 mh HD Air Coil
0.47mh High Power Air Core Choke Coil Specs - Inductance: 0.47mH Wire Gauge: 1...
0.5 Amp Automatic Circuit Breaker
0.5 Amp Auto Reset Speaker Circuit Breaker Rated 0.5 Amp. Automatic resetting circuit breake..
1.0 mh Ferrite Bobbin Coil
CO-100N, 1.0 mh Ferrite Bobbin Type Choke Coil Specs - Inductance: 1.0mH DC Res..
1.0 mh Laminated Bar Coil
CO-100X, 1.0 mH Laminated Iron Core Choke Coil Specs - Inductance: 1.0mH DC Res..
1uf 100v Non-Polar Electrolytic Capacitor
1uf 100V Non-Polar Electrolytic Capacitor, Metal Case, Axial Leads ..
3 way Crossover
LC-302, 3 Way Crossover Kit, 4.75uf Mylar Capacitor, 15uf Capacitor, 5 ohm / 7 ohm Resistors and L..
3"x3"x2" Plastic Cabinet Corner Protector
3"x3"X2" Plastic Speaker Cabinet Corner Protector Square cabinet corner made of high quality..
3.5"X3" Rectangular Banana Jack Terminal Cup
3.5"X3" Banana Jack "Screw Type" Terminal Cup (+) Red Cap, (-) Black Cap Copper Binding Posts with..
4 ohm 10-watt Cement Resistor -10 Pk.
4 ohm 10-watt Square Cement Resistor, 10 pcs. in a Pack DCR: 4 Ω Power Rating: 10 W..
4" 120W 2 Way Blue Cone Car Speaker
4" Instigator Series 2 Way, Blue Composite Cone, Rubber Surround Woofer, Coaxial Tweeter, Door Mo..
5"X8" 2-Tone Horn Siren w/Xfmr
5"X8" Beige Horn Siren, Yelp/Steady Tone, w/Transformer Output, 12Vdc 125dB ..
B-711B 7 "X 11" Siren Cabinet - Beige
Beige Metal Siren Box for 7 "X 11" Siren Horns Tamper Loop Option Rust Resistant Finish ..
Waffle Speaker Grill
5" ~ 18" Waffle Speaker Grill with Rubber Edge, ea. Black  Powder Coat Heavy Gauge Metal..
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